Canident | Look after your dogs' teeth naturally

Small iplock of Canident for dogs teethCanident is an all natural, sustainably harvested, Irish seaweed supplement that cleans dog’s teeth in 12-15 weeks. Comes with a money back guarantee for your customer, covered by the company. Includes measuring scoop.

  • Plaque and tartar control       
  • Reduce gingival inflammation
  • Bad breath control                                         
  • Avoid periodontal disease                             
  • Made in Ireland
  • RRP €17 (150g) €25 (300g)
  • Box size: 150 gram ziplocs (10) | 150 gram tubs (10) | 300 gram ziplocs (6) | 300 gram tubs (6)

Canident Meat Treats

Canident Meat TreatsCanident Meat Treats are exceptionally unique on many fronts. They are the only treat on the market made with a mixture of Irish grass-fed beef liver, heart and kidney. Each piece includes a daily portion of Canident, helping to keep teeth clean. Finally these treats are slowly dehydrated, not baked in temperature, meaning all the goodness of the Canident and beef organ is preserved. 

  • Dehydrated, not baked
  • Irish grass-fed beef organ (liver, heart, kidney)
  •  Canident in each treat
  • Approximately 100 grams per pack
  • RRP €10
  • Box size: 100 gram ziplocs (10)

Oculus Prime | Control Weeping Eyes in Dogs Naturally

Tub of Oculus Prime that controls weeping eyes in dogsOculus Prime is a unique, natural and effective solution to tackle many of the causes of weeping eyes in dogs, that lead to unsightly tear stains. A natural seaweed blend that works systemically, reducing inflammation from common environmental allergens that promote inflammatory weeping from the eyes. Contains a measuring scoop.

Oculus Prime Assists With:

  • Reducing the inflammation that leads to weeping eyes
  • Soothing irritated eyes
  • Eliminating source of conjunctivitis
  • Eliminating free radicals
  • Box size: 150 gram tub (6) | 150 gram ziploc (6)


D.E.Flea Naturally | Puffer Bottle & Refill Tub

Bottle of de-flea naturallyD.E.Flea Naturally is  a highly efficient non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticide. It kills fleas, ticks, mites, ants, bed bugs, lice and red mite. It’s entirely natural and is Codex Food Grade, working mechanically to kill the bugs not chemically, meaning it is not only 100% effective it is also 100% safe to you and your pet and environmentally friendly as well!

  • Kills fleas, ticks, mites, red mites, ants, bed bugs, lice and much more 
  • 100% Natural, codex (Food Grade), environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply nozzle
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • RRP: €10 - 65 gram bottle | €15 - 200g refill tub
  • Box size: 65 gram puffer bottle (10) | 200 gram refill tub (5)

Please get in contact for further information.

BioFunction8 | Promoting Gut Health in Dogs

BioFunction8Biofunction8 is a natural daily supplement for dogs formulated by marine scientists. When consumed, the unique blend of seaweeds used in BF8 will boost immunity, neuro-transmission and detoxification. BF8 is used as a prebiotic to help promote the growth of good bacteria, as a happy gut, means better nutrient absorption. Includes measuring scoop.

  • Organic, sustainably harvested, seaweed blend  
  • Boost health, skin and coat condition  
  • Prebiotic properties  
  • Anti-inflammatory properties  
  • RRP: €18 - 150 gram | €30 - 300 gram  
  • Box size: 150 gram ziplocs (10) | 300 gram ziplocs (6)

Irish Kelp for Dogs | Laminaria digitata

Kelp For DogsThe finest, organic, sustainably harvested Atlantic brown kelp out there for dogs today. Laminaria digitata is packed full of powerful antioxidants such as fucoidans that are unique to seaweeds as well as iodine both of which promote health in your dog. Favoured by breeders worldwide for boosting skin, and coat, tone and condition. Includes measuring scoop.

  • Organic, sustainably harvested, Irish kelp for dogs
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Considered the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet
  • Boosts the skin, and coats, tone and condition
  • RRP: €13 - 150 grams | €18 - 300 grams
  • Box size: 150 gram ziplocs (10) | 150 gram tubs (10) | 300 gram ziplocs (6) | 300 gram tubs (6)